A painter is only as good as his or her brush. And a good brush requires care and protection. Brushaper protects like no other Paint brush cover, extending the life of your brushes to save you time, money, and headaches.


Keep your brush in shape.
Your job depends on it.

Without proper storage, your brushes get ruined quickly. Frayed bristles, worn edges…they take away from the quality of your job. Imagine cutting-in a ceiling with mangled bristles—you end up with paint on the ceiling and time spent redoing your work.

You need Brushaper…the paint brush cover designed by painters for painters.

Brushaper is:


It won’t fall apart like cheap cardboard Covers


It lets your brushes dry quickly, without trapping harmful moisture like Plastic paint brush Covers


It conforms to the shape of your brush to protect it and help it retain its original shape and function


Brushaper is engineered for long-term performance and made 100% in the U.S.A.

Photo of Andy Oliver - Brushaper Founder

Andy Oliver  |  Brushaper Founder

Andy Oliver is no newcomer to the paint and brush industry, having grown up working summers with his father, a Detroit-area paint contractor. After graduating from Michigan Technological University, he began his career as an engineer. Andy soon decided to put that career on hold while he started his own successful painting contractor business in Traverse City, Michigan. Ten years later, Andy returned to engineering, finding a way to combine both his painting and engineering experience with the development of Brushaper.


The perfect fit for you and your brush.

Like you, your brushes work hard all day. So when it’s time to clean up, you need to take care of them. Brushaper is the best way to do that.

Angled 2-inch brush Angled 2.5-inch brush Angled 3-inch brush Painter's Pack - Angled Brushes
Straight 2-inch brush Straight 2.5-inch brush Straight 3-inch brush Painter's Pack - Straight Brushes


The New Standard in Brush Care
Paintbrush Cover Comparison
How to Use Brushaper


Step 1

Once the paint brush has been cleaned, place it between the palms of your hands and spin it to remove excess water.

Step 2

Insert the paint brush, handle first.

Step 3

Pull handle until bristles are flush with top edge.

Step 4

Close Velcro flap; store brush with bristle end down or lay flat.

Step 5

To remove, pull handle away from cover.

Step 6

Your brush is now dry, shaped and ready for use!


  • “I’ve been using Brushaper covers for about two weeks now. I like the way they keep their shape and don't stay wet. I’ve been looking for a product like this for some time. I’ll be buying more in the future.”

    Ron Ruszkowski Saugus, MA
    RMR Painting

  • “I’ve used your product for only a short time, but I think it works great!  It shapes the brush properly like nothing else I’ve seen. I will be purchasing more for my crew.”

    Robbi Greene Warwick, RI
    Restoration Specialists

  • “I finally tried my Brushaper and am very pleased with the results. Thanks for a wonderful product.”

    Don Maurus South Windsor, CT

  • “Brushaper works as advertised. I threw a wet older brush in and left it for a few days just to see if it would mildew. It didn’t and it even made the brush take shape again. This will be added to my toolbox for sure.” 

    Dan Schmidt Chicago, IL
    ASAP Painting

  • “Your product worked great! It’s just snug enough to keep a great shape on the brush. It seems sturdy and should last a long time!” 

    T.J. Santillo Pittsburg, PA

  • “Absolutely worth the investment! Finally a lasting sleeve that keeps the form and protects quality brushes. A genius idea.” 

    Roger Coulter Round Lake, IL
    RWC Interiors

  • “Great product! One that most painters have been searching for, because it doesn’t disintegrate like paper covers.” 

    Don Goddard Springfield, MO
    All About Paint LLC

  • “I have no complaints since I began using Brushaper. Andy with Brushaper has been a great help. I’ve been in contact with him about ordering full sets.” 

    Don Taylor McCullom Lake, IL
    Don's Quality Painting & Remodeling

  • “My lead painter tried this and absolutely loves it! He says it will help prolong the life of his high-end brushes!” 

    Steven Gloyer Westerville, OH
    Fresh Coat Painters

  • “We have used Brushshaper for a few months and have had great results! We used the 2 inch version with a Corona brush. The soft case helps shape the brush after you clean it. Our bristles are in great shape after two months. Normally they start to fray after 3-4 weeks. I would recommend them to anyone wanting their brushes to last longer.” 

    Jeff Dupont Seattle, WA
    Sound Painting Solutions

  • “Our team loves it…what a great product! I’ve been using it every day since I received it. Used it on an older trim brush that was frayed and it reshaped it! I could use two more and now that the other members of the crew see it, they want some too!” 

    Mike Kremsreiter Lake Zurich, IL
    DBK Painting, LLC

  • “I let my lead painter try this and he really loved it. He is fastidious about cleaning his brushes and really liked the fact that each morning they were really dry and felt like new again….and they do keep their shape very well. Great product!” 

    Jerry Fancher Eden Prairie, MN
    Fresh Coat Painters

  • “I’ve been using a Brushaper for the last three years, and it still works great! It keeps brushes in nice working condition, and that’s essential for producing quality work. It’s a no-brainer for professionals in the trade.” 

    Tim Zolman Interlochen, MI
    Pathway Homes

  • “Good brushes are expensive. When the cardboard cover fails, which it will, the brush begins to break down. Brushaper helps the brushes keep their shape while drying which greatly extends the life of the brushes.” 

    Chris Adams Traverse City, MI
    Adams Custom Painting

  • “Excellent product, it worked exactly as described. It wicked moisture away nicely while in storage overnight and the brush bristles were in perfect shape the next day. I expect to get much more life out of my brushes because Brushaper has such a nice, snug fit. I look forward to adding several more of these covers to my kit!” 

    Nichole Lovett Evanston, IL
    Harmony Haus LLC

  • “The Brushaper provides excellent bristle protection allowing the brush to be stored bristles down, up or lying flat.  Installation and removal is quick and easy.  The Brushaper gets 5 stars for functionality.” 

    Tristan Hamberg Fairview, OR
    Refined Painting Services

  • “I'm impressed.  If you purchase high-quality brushes, you’ll quickly realize that Brushaper is a superior means of protecting your investment. A very well designed product.” 

    Ralph J. Sewickley, PA


What size brush does Brushaper fit?
Available in multiple sizes, Brushaper is available for both angle and straight brushes in 2”, 2.5”, or 3” sizes.

What if I want to sell Brushaper at my store?
We welcome and encourage dealers to sell Brushaper products in stores. If you are interested in retail information, please contact info@brushaper.com.

What’s the return policy?
If you’re unhappy with Brushaper, you may return it to us for a refund. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the consumer.

How do you clean Brushaper?
Brushaper is easy to clean. No scrubbing caked-up paint out of corners. If your Brushaper gets dirty, just throw it in the washer.

How long does it take for the brush to dry?
Depending on temperature and humidity, it takes about 5 hours on average for a brush to dry using Brushaper. Without using Brushaper, it can take over a week for a brush to dry naturally in the cardboard cover.

How long will Brushaper last?
Brushaper is durable. It won’t fall apart and can even be run through the washing machine. You will replace brushes a lot faster than you’ll ever replace your Brushaper.

What if I don’t like to clean my brush?
Brushaper is not a substitute for cleaning your brush and is only meant for use with clean brushes. Every good painter knows that cleaning your brush is essential to doing a quality job. Major brush manufacturers recommend cleaning your brush immediately after use to extend its life.